About the Photographer

Since leaving an academic career and taking up digital photography I've been able to explore more fully new ways of seeing and creating. Lacking formal training in art leaves me catching up on technique while stumbling wherever my untutored gaze wanders.

Drawing much of my attention initially were  depictions of political conflict and injustice, especially settings related to my teaching legal studies and psychology, from Israel/Palestine to  Occupy Boston. Over time I've turned  to abstract depictions of shape and pattern, seemingly-painted reflections on water surfaces,  and close-up body images. Recently I've begun to explore Miksang contemplative photography. When turning to conventional subjects from landscapes and cityscapes to people and objects, I try to find the unconventional. 

2013-05-28 1862

My work has appeared in magazines and newspapers such as Boston Review, Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, Publio, and Piedra Libre; in books and on book, CD, and DVD covers; and in gallery, slideshow, and other formats in the US, Toronto, Vancouver Island, Germany, Holland, and Ramallah. Details: Artist Résumé.

I also license images for commercial and non-commercial projects: Permissions page.

Much  of my work is located elsewhere.

     Travel images and more: my Flickr site.

     Older images, including Israel/Palestine: my  older photo website.

     My academic and political life: my primary website.

Dennis Fox

Boston, Massachusetts  2017


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